BBM-01 Series - Bus Bar Current Sensor Modules

  • Very compact and low profile mechanical package
  • Custom design bus bar geometries possible
  • Single +5V Power Supply at less than 25mA
  • High Level 0V ± 4V differential linear signal output
  • Signal output electrically isolated from primary Bus Bar
  • Clean recovery from very high overload

Bus Bar Current Module BBM-01 locates two magnetic field sensors on each side of an electric current Bus Bar. Two Sentron CSA-1VG precision Hall Effect IC’s sense the magnetic field as a function of current on both sides of the Bus Bar. This enables effective cancellation of external magnetic fields without magnetic cores or shielding which can give rise to non-linearity and hysteresis effects. Offset and Sensitivity are factory calibrated to a fixed magnetic sensitivity. Current ranges that can be sensed will be dependent on the physical parameters of the Bus Bars. There are three versions of the BBM’s that are configured to accommodate various widths and thicknesses of bus bars.

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