SENIS® Digital Gaussmeters/Teslameters and Analog Transducers with 1-, 2- or 3-axis integrated Hall and AMR sensors measure the magnetic field in the range of nT to 30T with an extraordinary magnetic resolution of 1ppm and an accuracy of less than 50ppm. The Hall probe’s magnetic field sensitive spot of less than 100µm x 100µm includes horizontal and vertical Hall elements integrated in a single silicon chip. Various probe packages ensure the application of Magnetometers in industry and laboratory environments for temperatures of -40°C to +160°C. The Hall Probe is connected to the electronic module for further signal conditioning, forming either a Magnetic Transducer with analog outputs that are proportional to the measured components of the magnetic field; or a Teslameter/Gaussmeter, which includes the LCD Display and a digital output through the serial interface to PC.

Transducer Analog

Transducer - Analog

  • 3-axis and single-axis Hall probes
  • High measurement range: 20mT to 20T
  • High magnetic resolution: <1uT
  • High linearity: <0.05%
  • f-bandwidth DC - 75kHz
  • High disturbance immunity
  • Hall- and coil based
  • Temperature: -40°C to 155°C
3 Mh6 Jp

Teslameter - Digital

  • 3-axis and single-axis Hall probes
  • High measurement range: 20mT to 20T
  • High accuracy: better than 100ppm
  • High magnetic resolution: 1ppm
  • Nano-Teslameter, resolution 0.5nT
  • LCD Display, USB interface
  • For industrial and lab applications
  • Handheld Teslameter with wireless link
Hall Probes

Hall Probes

  • Fully integrated single-chip 3D probes
  • No planar Hall effect
  • Field sensitive spot 100µm x 100µm
  • Accuracy: better than 100ppm
  • Distance to magnet less than 300µm
  • Epoxy and Ceramic packages
  • Temperature -40°C to 160°C
  • Various probe packages