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  • 1-/2-3-axis Hall & AMR probes
  • DC&AC Analog Transducers
  • Teslameters/Gaussmeters
  • Nanoteslameter
  • Nanovolt-Amplifier
  • Helmholtz Coils
  • Reference Magnets


High accuracy:
better than 100ppm

3-Axis Hall probes:

Field sensitive spot:

Highest magnetic resolution: 1μT

Measurement range:
100mT – 2T / 1mT (AMR)

  • All-in-One Magnetic Mappers
  • Large Size Mappers
  • Portable Mappers
  • Rotor Mappers
  • DC&AC Magnetic Mappers
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3-Axis Hall probes:
only 0.5mm thick

Accurate mapping:
better than 0.1%

Position repeatability:

Highest flexibility:
crack detection

Measurement range:
100mT – 2T / 1mT (AMR)

  • PCB-mount Sensors
  • Bus Bar Sensors
  • Clamp-on, Fix-core
  • Open-loop, Closed-loop
  • MicroAmmeter
  • Isolation Fault Detector
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Integrated 2-axis current sensor

Sensor DC – 1MHz

BusBar Module:
DC – 300kHz

High Accuracy:
Non-linearity 0.1%

High range:
10kA (Isolation: 5kV)


3D field sensitive spot:

Highest magnetic resolution: 1μT

High f-bandwidth:
DC – 300kHz

Measurement range:
40mT – 4T

Flexible output:
Analog, SPI, PWM


DC calibration includes temperature dependences of offset and sensitivity of a magnetic measurement instrument.

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AC calibration provides information about the actual small-signal frequency response of a magnetic measurement instrument. 

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The result of the probe orthogonality calibration is a set of three numbers for each sensing axis of the Hall probe, which provides the information about the exact orientation of the Hall elements in the probe with respect to the co-ordinate system of the probe package.

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SENIS offers various Test Services for permanent magnets and magnetic and electromagnetic systems, such as 3D magnetic field measurements, angle error measurement, magnetic field distribution around magnets, crack detection, etc.

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Success Stories

“We are happy to have found a measuring System, which gives us the opportunity to make a statement about the quality of our rotors as well as to develop certain performance aspects and increase development potential.”

Mr. Christian Kienzler,
Quality Engineer Elektric/Hybridsystem Formel E,
Porsche AG

“Customers like our product for two reasons; the first one is that SENIS Mappers can measure all three components of magnetic field with unprecedented accuracy and repeatibiliy very close to the magnet surface and in small gaps. The second reason is that our mapper software is very user-friendly and offers different types of analysis, with different types of data visualisation.”

“Bomatec is not just a customer of SENIS, but our important technology and business partner over many years. By demanding very high performance, high quality and high stability that is required by their customers, Bomatec helped SENIS improving our magnetic field (MMS-1A-RS) and crack testing equipment (Defectscope) to fulfil the highest automotive industry standards.“

Sasa Spasic,


  • SENIS is silver sponsor of magnecko – ETH

    SENIS is silver sponsor of magnecko of ETH Zürich. This project is developing a legged robot capable of climbing any ferrous obstacle using Magnets as the method of adhesion.[…]

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SENIS AG, Switzerland develops, manufactures and supplies worldwide advanced sensors and instruments for magnetic field measurements and electric current. Product quality, customer and environmental care are integral components of corporate policy.

SENIS® is ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management) certified. Our calibration laboratory is ISO17025:2017 accredited.

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