Electric Motor Talks – World Magnetic Conference – Coiltech 2021

April 14, 2021

A Virtual Conference

Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor for Smooth Motor Control – presented at World Magnetic Conference Coiltech 2021. The advantage of our sensor technology is that the SENIS® Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor (FAMAS) gives directly the angular position of the magnetic field, the rotation direction, and angular velocity after less than 1 µs. The sensor has an angle resolution of 0.09°. It works from 0 – 400’000rpm. The sensor signal output is digital. The FAMAS absolute rotary position sensor for motor controlled applications is suitable for robotic systems – DC brushless motors – motor feedback/motion control – rotational speed control – optical encoder replacement – potentiometer replacement – high speed machining tools.
SENIS AG provides magnetic field mappers for test and characterization of permanent magnets, rotors and motors.
SENIS AG is the only provider of integrated 3-axis Hall probes that has an accredited calibration lab ISO 17025.

Presentation available: