Nano-Scale Metrology Standards

SENIS is one of the few companies providing certified magnetic measurements that can be traced back to national standards. Measuring 3D magnetic fields at the micrometre scale has now been reduced in size by a factor of ten by the new commercial SENIS Nano-Hall Mapper. For the first time the capability exists in Europe for measuring fluctuating magnetic fields at the micro and nano scale level, essential to support the high technology industries of the future and help maintain Europe’s position in the global market for magnetic sensors.

During the EMPIR project Nano-scale traceable magnetic field measurements, SENIS AG developed a high-resolution nano-Hall mapper with a 50-nanometre positioning accuracy and a 1000 nanometre spatial resolution. Capable of a large scan range of several centimetres the new mapper features a compact Hall probe with a field sensitive volume of 10 micrometres x 10 micrometres x 10 micrometres, which is an order of magnitude smaller than any commercially available magnetic sensor. The new mapper can measure fluctuating magnetic fields with a 3D positioning resolution at the 50-nanometre level with a minimum field resolution better than 5 μT. The system was traceably calibrated at SENIS’s accredited laboratory and its performance validated using an electromagnet provided by PTB, Germany’s National Metrology Institute (NMI).

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