Special Mapper Solutions

  • Magnetic field mapper for very large and heavy rotors and cylindrical magnetic objects of up to 700mm diameter and weight of up to 100kg (such as Thrusters)
  • Mappers for large Rotors and Motors
  • Mappers with inductive probe for 3D mapping of very small magnetic field, down to 100pT, of electromagnets and AC fields from less than 100Hz up to hundreds kHz
  • Mappers f^with AMR/GMR probes for mapping of very low magnetic fields (less than 100uT), e.g. for mapping of demagnetized parts
  • Nanomapper with compact 2-axis Hall probe (By, Bz) with field sensitive volume 10um3 for in-contact measurement (distance to magnet: 120um). Magnetic resolution better than 5uT. Probe positioning resolution: 100nm.
  • Clean room compatible mapper
  • Mappers with Hall Probe Arrays

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