BBM-03-LV Series – Low/Medium Bus Bar Current Sensor

  • Very compact, low profile package
  • Custom design bus bar geometries possible
  • Single +5V Power Supply at less than 25mA
  • High Level 0±4V linear differential output signal
  • Signal output insulated from Bus Bar
  • DC Currents
  • Clean recovery from very high overload (up to 100x nominal current)

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Bus Bar current sensor modules enable measurement of currents in the large f-bandwidth of DC to 200kHz without an impact of external magnetic fields.

The SENIS Bus Bar DC Current Sensor locates two magnetic field sensors on each side of current bus bar. Two precision Hall ICs sense the magnetic field as a function of current on both sides. This allows to effectively cancel external magnetic fields without magnetic cores or shielding, thus avoiding non-linearities and hysteresis effects. The differential Hall voltage between the upper and the lower sensor provides a full scale output of 0±4.0V. DC current ranges that can be sensed depend on the geometry of the bus bar. The BBM-03-LV is supplied with a shielded cable connected to a RJ45 plug.

The BBM-03 Sensors replace BBM-02 Series.