CS-03 Series – PCB mount Current Sensor Modules

The miniature, PCB (through hole) mount current sensors incorporate a magnetic shield and high performance linear Hall sensor.

  • Low current – four ranges (0.1A to 8A)
  • High current – four ranges (15A and 25A)
  • High voltage isolation > 4KV
  • Linear analog voltage Output
  • Accuracy <2% of FS
  • Bidirectional current measurement
    (Note: sensor with 0.25A range is available as: unidirectional (16V/A) and bidirectional (8V/A))

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The SENIS CS series current sensors offer low current sensing with high voltage isolation capability. The SENIS CS sensor incorporates the high sensitivity Hall IC and a multi-turn coil to further increase sensitivity.

Typical applications include Process Control; Application in laboratories and in production lines, etc. Due to its design the CS sensor can be used in any application that requires continuous current sensing (no time limit).

Low current:
CS0.1A-03: full scale 0.1A, sensitivity 20V/A
CS0.2A-03: full scale 0.2A, sensitivity 10V/A
CS0.25A-03-u: unidirectional full scale 0.25A, sensitivity 16V/A
CS0.25A-03-b: bidirectional full scale 0.25A, sensitivity 8V/A
CS2.0A-03: full scale 2A, sensitivity 1V/A
CS2.5A-03: full scale 2.5A, sensitivity 0.8V/A
CS8A-0.3: full scale 8A, sensitivity 0.25V/A
High current:
CS15A-0.3: full scale 15A, sensitivity 0.13V/A
CS25A-0.3: full scale 25A, sensitivity 0.08V/A