SENIS 3DHALL sensors make climbing inspection robots smarter and safer!

Adhesion Control Protects Inspection Robot Investment

To optimize the control of magnetic grippers, it is important to measure both the direction and the strength of the total magnetic field. This can only be done by measuring accurately all 3 components of the magnetic field at the same time and at the same location, i.e. in one small spot. SENIS 3D Hall sensors measure these components in a very small field sensitive volume of 100 x 100 x 10 μm2 and in 3 directions with a resolution of 10 µT. 1D or 2D sensors are not sufficient for this task and low field sensors, such as GMR sensor are not suitable due to the high dynamic range required.
The smaller the field sensitive volume of a 3D sensor is, the better it can provide reliable measurements in applications that involve high field gradients as presented in this work. SENIS is steadily improving the performance of its unique measurement solutions and the motivation of moving the limits of what is feasible now in the field of magnetometry and sensor technology.

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