SENIS is a member of HITRI project team to be led by CERN

SENIS with its business entity in Serbia (Sentronis) became in 2019 an official industrial member of the HITRI project consortium led by CERN. The HITRI project is proposed within the Horizon 2020 program.

HITRI (Heavy Ion Therapy Research Infrastructure Design Study Proposal) overall aim is to design an innovative, compact, flexible, expandable, pan-European Research Infrastructure (RI) which can be built in the SEE (South Eastern European) region and which produces the world’s most intense ion therapy beam with simpler operation and lower cost. In future, this should allow the clinical and scientific user community to fully exploit the advantages of ion Radio Therapy (RT) and enable applied and clinical R&D.
The HITRI consortium includes reputable physic research laboratories such as, CERN, PSI Switzerland, GSI Helmholtzzentrum, HIT Heidelberg, INFN Italy, Cosylab Slovenia, Malta University, CEA France, ANSTO Australia, Uppsala University Sweden and others.