3-axis Hall Probe L

Very thin and long single-chip fully integrated 3-axis Hall-Probe with the naked Si chip.
Dimensions of the naked Si-chip area (length, width, thickness in mm): 28.0 x 0.64 x 0.28.
Available are 1-, 2-, or 3-axis Hall probes.


  • The L Hall probe with the naked Si chip is very thin (0.5mm) and long (42mm) probe package particularly devised in the way that the Magnetic Field Sensitive Volume (MFSV) is located at the distance of 200μm from the probe front edge
  • Very high spatial resolution (By: 0.03 x 0.005 x 0.03mm^3; Bx and Bz: 0.15 x 0.01 x 0.15mm^3)
  • High angular accuracy (orthogonality error less than +/-0.5°)
  • High frequency bandwidth (from DC up to 25kHz)
  • Integrated temperature sensor on the probe for temperature compensation


Transducers: F3A
Teslameters: 3MH3
Mappers for development only