Moving Wire Magnetometer – NanoVolt Amplifier NVM-01

NanoVolt Amplifier NVM-01 was developed for very high resolution measurements of the magnetic flux distribution in ion and electron beam magnets by a moving wire or rotating coil in the working region of the magnet.

NVM-01 is an ultra low noise amplifier module for sensitive DC and low-frequency AC voltage measurements systems.

The Voltage Gain of the NVM-01 can be set from about 30k to 800k for input signals from +/-250uV down to +/-10uV and the frequency response can be set as dc to 10Hz or dc to 40Hz.
The equivalent input noise from 0.1Hz to 10Hz is <4nVrms.

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  • Vibrating wire and rotation coil magnetometry
  • Thermocouple thermometry


By using purpose shaped Coils the NVM-01 can enable the measurement of very small changes in magnetic flux in a region of interest, e.g.:

  • The technique of measuring the magnetic moment of a magnet by rotating it in a Helmholtz Coil and monitoring the Coil voltage can be extended to very low magnetic moments.
  • Low levels of magnetic content can be detected by moving material or items though an appropriately dimensioned measurement Coil. For “soft” magnetic materials the sensitivity can be enhanced by applying a dc bias magnetic field.
  • Fluctuations in the magnetic field near magnetically sensitive equipment or instruments can be measured with “Pick-up Coils” at the equipment or arranged in the Lab walls. The output signals can be used to correct the measured parameter or to drive active field cancellation coils
  • Geomagnetic magnetic field changes due to natural or induced changes can be measured with a Coil of dimensions and turns scaled to the anticipated rate of change in magnetic flux.
  • Low levels of magnetic field fluctuation or noise in nominally dc magnetic fields can be measured independently of the magnitude of the dc field value.