Analog Magnetic Field Transducers

SENIS® magnetic field transducer consists of two modules:

  • Hall probe with the cable (H-Module)
  • Electronics for analog signal conditioning (E-Module)

To build up a complete measurement system, the E-Module needs to be connected to an adequate power supply and to a voltmeter (or A/D converter card). The performance of an Analog Transducer (e.g. resolution, accuracy, f-bandwidth, noise level, offset, etc.) is defined by the performance of the Hall probe and of the connected electronic module. SENIS transducers are calibrated at SENIS’ ISO17025:2017 accredited calibration lab. SENIS provides different types of Transducers, which can fulfill most of requirements from industry and R&D laboratories:

  • 3-axis F3B and 1-axis F1A Transducers, with high spatial resolution Hall probes, high f-bandwidth and good accuracy and resolution
  • I3D high resolution and low noise Transducers and moderate f-bandwidth
  • 3DACMT-1 Inductive Transducer, for high frequency and very high resolution
  • NVM-01 Nanovolt-Amplifier combined with pick-up coil probe for measuring of very low magnetic fields and moments
  • H3B ultra high resolution and low noise Transducers
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