3MH6 High-Precision, Low-Noise Teslameter

  • Teslameter with integrated 1-,2-, or 3-axis Hall Probes (Bx, By, Bz)
  • Measurement of DC & AC magnetic fields
  • Four selectable magnetic field ranges: 100mT, 500mT, 2T, 20T
  • In-factory calibrated up to +/-2T
  • High-field calibration up to +/-9T
  • Very high magnetic DC resolution: better than 1ppm
  • DC Accuracy along each axis: 0.01% (100ppm) up to +/-2T
  • Note: a higher resolution of better than 0.5uT available
    for a special device version 3MH6-S with a single
    measurement range of 100mT
  • Frequency bandwidth: DC – 2.5kHz (-3dB)
  • Numerical, graphical and statistical measurement visualization (Btot, Brms, Bx, By, Bz)
  • Measured Data Recording
  • External and internal triggers
  • USB Interface
  • Magnetic vector visualization
  • Units in gauss (G), tesla (T)
  • Suitable for probes of type C

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