Teslameter - Digital

SENISĀ® Digital Teslameters / Gaussmeters are based on SENIS’ Analog Magnetic Field Transducer electronics on top of which the digital module is added, with a display, communication ports, digital data corrections, etc.

SENIS provides different types of Teslameters, with different magnetic resolutions, accuracies, f-bandwidths, noise levels and functionalities and handling options (handheld, desktop, rack-mountable:

  • 3MH3 Teslameter for industrial and laboratory applications, with good accuracy, resolution and f-bandwidth
  • 3MH6desktop Teslameter for laboratory applications, with very high resolution and accuracy and with a good f-bandwidth
  • 3MTS Handheld Teslameter with robust probe holders and good accuracy
  • 1-, 2-, or 3-axis Nanoteslameter 3NTA1 for very low magnetic fields